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Sacramento FMLA & CFRA Discrimination Attorney

Earning a living shouldn’t deprive you of the ability to live. Many of life’s milestones and unknowns require time off. You should not have to sacrifice your job for parenthood, pregnancy, medical treatment or other life events.

Employees in California have the right to job protection under many of these circumstances. Key laws that define your rights may include:

These laws grant important rights to both men and women.

Holding Employers Accountable

Has your employer denied your rights under state or federal leave law? Have you faced employment retaliation for exercising your rights to family or medical leave?

Asbill Law Group can help you expose injustice and hold your employer accountable. Our Sacramento-based law firm handles PDL, FMLA and CFRA violations. Attorney Natalia Asbill levels the playing field by fighting for employees against powerful employers. She is not afraid to stand up for your rights by taking decisive action in the legal system. Applying more than a decade of employment law experience, she will handle your claim with the respect it deserves.

We are passionate about what we do; we believe that every successful outcome is a step toward a better workplace.

With more than a decade of employment law experience, our firm knows how to work through the intricacies of the California Labor Code, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and other applicable law. To get started, arrange a confidential consultation by calling 916-438-7777.