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Equality in the workplace is foundational to a civil society. Your employment opportunities should be based on your skills, abilities and merits — not on integral parts of your personal identity such as gender or sexual orientation. Recognizing the importance of equal opportunity, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or gender expression.

Have Your Rights Been Violated?

Sexual orientation discrimination and transgender discrimination are far too prevalent in the workplace. According to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, more than 8,000 employees file complaints every year alleging that they have suffered employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.

Discrimination can be obvious or subtle. It includes unfair treatment such as:

  • Firing, terminating or demoting you
  • Refusing to hire you or consider you for a job
  • Denying you the same advancement opportunities
  • Giving you unequal pay or benefits
  • Allowing sexual harassment in the workplace

If your sexual orientation was a motivating factor for such treatment, you may be entitled to pursue compensation through an employment discrimination claim.

Harassment on the basis of your sexual orientation or gender identity is also a form of unlawful discrimination — particularly if your employer knew about the harassment and failed to do anything about it.Unlawful Discrimination In The Workplace Is Never Acceptable

Unlawful Discrimination In The Workplace Is Never Acceptable

Nobody should have to endure unfair treatment at work — or limited career opportunities — as a result of his or her sexual orientation. At Asbill Law Group in Sacramento, California, our employment law firm helps level the playing field by enforcing employees’ rights.

We consistently go the extra mile to stand up against injustice. In fact, Natalia Asbill has spent years mastering the nuances of employment law. She has applied this knowledge to help employees prevail against even the most powerful employers.

With twelve years of employment law experience, our firm knows how to work through the intricacies of the California Labor Code, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and other applicable law. To get started, arrange a confidential consultation by calling 916-438-7777.