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Businesses at different stages of their lifecycle can face numerous legal threats. Business entities may be subject to legal disputes at any stage, from initial formation to final dissolution. At Asbill Law Group, our Modesto business disputes lawyers recognize the complex nature of business litigation and strive to assist Modesto businesses through these challenges.

At our firm, we work hard to protect your profits and your interests. Our advice is always tactically well planned, based on cost-benefit and risk analysis, so that you can make an informed, good legal decision for your business.

From general business disputes to claims arising from employment contracts or intellectual property matters, businesses can come up against a wide range of issues and litigation. At Asbill Law Group, our attorneys provide counsel to help businesses enforce and defend claims, including:

  • Breach of Contract: Business operations can be disrupted, and profits can be compromised by contractual disputes. We advise and advocate for clients for both enforcement of contract terms and claims of breach of contract allegations to make sure contractual obligations are met and enforced.
  • Dissolution Disputes: When a business is dissolved, there can be disputes between the partners or the shareholders. We help our clients focus on the most important aspects of these disputes and move to an equitable resolution.
  • Disputes Between Partners: Properly chosen business partners are a recipe for business success, but conflicts between these individuals can threaten a business. We help bring peace to the chaos by either negotiating, mediating, or involving the courts if a lawsuit is the only way to resolve the issues.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: We represent clients in cases where fiduciary duties have been breached.
  • Business Torts: Fraud, misrepresentation, and other forms of wrongdoing can be particularly damaging when they concern a business transaction. We take swift action to correct these wrongs and limit the financial damage caused.
  • Unfair Business Practices: Your business and your reputation in Modesto, CA can suffer when your competitors act unfairly or when a business practice deceives you. We fight for our clients so that your interests are protected, and business markets are maintained which are fair to those who follow the rules.

Our clients include companies (large and small), LLCs, professional practices, and individual small-business owners throughout the state of California.

Customized Legal Strategies for Your Business Needs

We recognize that every client offers a unique set of circumstances and that each client must determine what is right for them and their circumstances. At Asbill Law Group, we are professional in our approach to assisting clients in resolving their issues and choosing the appropriate path forward — whether by negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or litigation. Examples include:

Understanding the Common Causes of Business Disputes

A business enterprise typically involves multiple relationships (and transactions with other enterprises, employees, and customers), and sooner or later, one or more of these may result in a dispute. Some of the most common reasons for business disputes include:

  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Contractual Matters
  • Professional Negligence
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Employment Law Issues

Proactive Steps to Protect Your Business

It makes good business and financial sense to avoid a “fight” in the first place. Asbill Law Group counsels clients to take preventive action to protect their business interests.

  • Honest Clear Contracts: Write your contracts up with detail and clarity. List deliverables, deadlines, fees, obligations, and expectations in writing.
  • Communication: Keep clear communication with your business partners, employees, and stakeholders. It’s good practice to try to handle grievances soon after they arise and before they turn into lawsuits.
  • Routine Checkups and Audits: Make sure you have regular audits regarding the safety standards, paperwork, and regulatory compliance required by the state.
  • Employee Training: Always train all employees on company policies and legal requirements. This includes those relating to harassment, discrimination, and workplace safety.

Taking Action When Disputes Arise

Although we always try to prevent disputes, sometimes they still happen. In that case, you want a skilled legal mind on your side. Natalia Asbill at Asbill Law Group has the legal representation you need.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Aggressive Representation


Q: What Is the Difference Between Corporate and Litigation Law?

A: Corporate law involves the creation, governance, and operation of businesses. It often refers to matters such as mergers and acquisitions or compliance and corporate governance. On the other hand, litigation law is the practice of resolving a dispute within a judicial system, which involves representing the client in lawsuits, mediations, and arbitrations to enforce and defend legal rights.

Q: What Is Civil Rights Litigation?

A: The phrase ‘civil rights litigation’ typically refers to cases that involve constitutional or statutory rights and freedoms involving more than just an individual. These might involve exclusion or persecution on the basis of race or gender, or unreasonable search and seizure, police misconduct, or unreasonable restrictions on free speech or assembly. Illegal hiring practices based on gender, race, or sexual orientation are an example of a potential civil rights suit.

Q: What Is the Meaning of Litigator?

A: A litigator is an attorney who tries lawsuits when they cannot be settled. He or she handles every step of the litigation from start to finish, by investigation, pleadings, discovery, trial, and appeal in order to resolve conflicts and enforce legal rights. Litigators must attend law school and adhere to the laws of the state.

Q: What Is a Business Contract Dispute?

A: A business contract dispute is an issue with a business contract that tends to be about performance, delivery, or payment based on a contract between two parties. Generally, some communication issues or disagreements on terms of performance or payment appear between them. These problems can be resolved through the court if necessary.

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