American Apparel Files Motions To Keep Founder From Position

When a person is accused of sexual harassment, a company should take action to make sure that the sexual harassment doesn’t continue. In the case of American Apparel, stopping complaints of sexual harassment meant board members had to oust the founder and chief executive officer of the company.

In June 2014, the board members voted to remove Dov Charney from his position with the company that he founded. The board noted that too many sexual harassment lawsuits had been filed against the man.

As it stands, the ex-CEO has filed a lawsuit against American Apparel and the company’s investors. He claims that his control of the company was wrongfully taken from him. he says that when he signed the paperwork that deprived him of the control of his stock that he was wrongfully persuaded. He also alleges that he was forced out of his company by fraudulent means.

Now, two of those board members have filed motions alleging that the former CEO had photographs of him with staff members that were sexual in nature. It is hoped that this information will keep the man from trying to get himself back into the position of CEO of the company.

The motions by the board members lay out some of the compensation they have had to make because of the ex-CEO’s actions. The motions noted that four settlements have been made — two are confidential, one was $1.9 million, and the other was $1.5 million. All those settlements were made to models of the company.

It is vital that anyone who is being sexually harassed take action to stop the harassment. In the case of this ex-CEO, victims got tired of the man’s actions and they took action. Anyone who has been sexually harassed should follow those victims’ lead and work to put an end to the sexual harassment.

Source:Nebraska City News-Press, “American Apparel board members allege ex-CEO Dov Charney kept images of sex with staff on company computer,” Jim Edwards, Aug. 15, 2015