Amex Exec Alleges Retaliation After Revealing Security Flaw

An American Express executive is claiming the company wrongfully terminated his employment after he revealed a flaw with the company’s Walmart debit cards. The man reportedly was fired after he revealed that the Bluebird debit card system lacked essential customer protections that would prevent shoppers from being exposed to fraud. Walmart is not named as a party in the complaint.

Official documents show that the man was assigned to evaluate the performance and security of the Bluebird system but he was under significant pressure from the company to meet performance and launch goals. He repeatedly told his supervisor that the product’s system for security checks was flawed. In fact, he suspected that one of the offshore contractors working on the program had installed a “back door” into the security system, thus allowing for a massive consumer fraud. Still, the supervisor refused to pay attention to the man’s reports, instead insisting that Bluebird be pushed into stores before it was ready.

American Express then conducted an unwarranted investigation into the man’s work affairs, ultimately retaliating against him for his reports about the Bluebird problems. Not only was the man fired without warning but the company refused to cash out his large shares of stock in a related venture. He was also denied some $300,000 in benefits, according to the wrongful termination lawsuit.

Scores of California consumers have consequently been exposed to financial risk because of American Express’ decision to ignore security problems, according to the lawsuit.

Even though this man attempted to protect the masses of consumers who would be attracted to the Bluebird project, he was terminated. Thousands of American employees face similar situations in workplaces throughout California every year, as they are punished for attempting to bring unethical situations to light. If you have suffered workplace injustice because of your employer’s misdeeds, remember that you are not alone. Contact a qualified employment attorney to learn more about your legal options and rights to compensation.

Source:, “Exec says AmEx fired him for doing right” Matt Reynolds, May. 17, 2013