Anyone Can Be A Victim Of A Hostile Work Environment

In the last post here, we discussed what constitutes a hostile work environment. Some of our California readers might be wondering if a situation they are dealing with at work would fall under the hostile work environment classification. One of the best ways to determine if that is the case would be to work with someone who is familiar with hostile work environments. We can help you make that determination.

There is an important aspect of a hostile work environment that our readers should understand. Any person can be a victim of a hostile work environment. Men can be victims. Women can be victims. Homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, polyamorous individuals and transgender individuals can all be victims of a hostile work environment. The victims can be single, married or committed.

Anyone who feels as though they have been the victim of a hostile work environment should let us review his or her case. We can go through what is happening at your job and help you to decide the most appropriate way to handle the issues.

We can help you to ensure that you take the steps necessary to avoid retaliation if you opt to take action against the hostile work environment. After you make complaints and take action because of the hostile work environment, you shouldn’t have to deal with pay cuts, termination or any other effects of making those complaints. Sadly, some employers do exactly that. We can help you deal with those retaliatory actions.

Don’t stand by and deal with the issues that come with a hostile work environment and retaliation. Let us help you determine how to stop them.