Braun Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Braun Electric has come under fire after charges of hostile work environment practices surfaced at the Bakersfield-based company. Braun provides electrical services for companies throughout California’s San Joaquin Valley, according to local reports. The company has recently become the subject of legal complaints filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to local media reports.

According to information from the suit, Braun is accused of subjecting a female employee to continuous sexual harassment and inappropriate advances since 2010. A male manager at the company’s locations in Taft and Belridge reportedly bothered the woman with graphic descriptions of his sexual fantasies. He also told his female coworkers that he wanted them to touch each other in sexual ways, and he made obscene sexual displays in front of his subordinates.

In addition, the firm is accused of ignoring the woman’s sexual harassment claims, which she had reported earlier in her employment history.

As a result of the harassment, one female employee was forced to stop working at Braun. Fortunately, the woman will be included in the class-action suit instigated by the EEOC against the employer. The government agency is attempting to recover both compensatory and punitive damages against the company to provide relief to the female employees.

EEOC representatives from the Central Valley region say that employers cannot be permitted to allow continued sexual harassment against their employees. As a result, government agencies must sometimes step in to regulate business practices.

The women in this case may receive damages related to lost wages and other business-oriented compensation. In addition, they will likely be eligible for damages for their pain and suffering, along with other emotional distress involved with the harassment.

Media reports have not indicated how much money the EEOC and the women are seeking in connection with this case. Furthermore, it is not clear how many women have joined the class-action effort against the company.

Source: Taft Midway Driller, “Braun Electric sued, accused of allowing sexual harassment,” Sept. 28, 2012