Don’t Deal With A Hostile Work Environment: Take Action

Sexual harassment in the workplace can make things unbearable. Trying to avoid the harasser and trying to deal with the stress can make work a very stressful place. It is important that no employees think they simply have to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. The federal government and the State of California both have very strict laws pertaining to sexual harassment.

Gone are the days in which male supervisors harassing female subordinates was the only recognized form of sexual harassment. Now, there are more subtle forms of sexual harassment that are recognized. Inappropriate comments, touching and other similar actions can be classified as sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment can also be done on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. If there are off-color remarks about those issues, it can be construed as sexual harassment.

No matter what, no one has to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Some people are worried about retaliation if they report the harassment. Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment is illegal. Companies and their employees aren’t allowed to fire you or take disciplinary actions just because you report sexual harassment. Additionally, companies not taking action after the report is made is also illegal.

We can help you assert your rights against sexual harassment. You don’t have to stand by and deal with a hostile workforce or inaction against sexual harassment. Punitive damages and other forms of compensation might be possible. In addition, it might be possible to keep your job and stop the harassment by taking steps to stop the harassment that is causing your workplace to be hostile.