Fighting Sexual Harassment And Hostile Work Environments

Sexual harassment and a hostile work environment can affect people in every line of work. As we discussed here last week, low-wage workers are more likely to suffer from these problems for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that just because someone is considered a low-wage worker, that doesn’t mean that they should have to deal with a hostile work environment or sexual harassment.

Uncomfortable behaviors in the workplace aren’t conducive to top-quality work. In fact, if you are being sexually harassed or if you have to deal with a hostile work environment, you might find that your productivity suffers. You might not feel comfortable at work. You might always have to look over your shoulder. Your supervisors might be putting too much on your plate. In all of those cases, you might not be able to do the work you are capable of doing.

It is important for anyone who is being subjected to these situations to know that they don’t have to deal with them. You have rights that are afforded by the law. You can assert your rights and work to stop the harassing behavior that you are dealing with at work.

We can discuss your case with you and help you to understand what options you have to stop the harassment or hostile work environment. Once you understand what you can do, we can help you along the path you choose. You don’t have to fight against your workplace alone. Instead, we can stand beside you to help you ensure that your legal rights remain protected.