Firefighter Likely Fired Because Of Her Gender

When a person is seeking the help of a firefighter or emergency service worker, their only concern is the ability of the person reporting to assist them, not whether they are a man or woman. One California woman, who sought to be a firefighter and paramedic in Carlsbad, was terminated because she is a woman in a male-dominated profession. The woman is now seeking money from the city for the discrimination she faced.

The woman was thrilled by the opportunity to become a firefighter. In fact, she completed her training with tremendous success. As a trainee, she was serving as a firefighter on a probationary basis. When she received a termination notice shortly before her probation period ended, she was baffled.

Without any indication why she was being let go, the woman determined that the only reason was because she is a woman. Under the instructions of her union representative, she signed the termination notice.

Not only does she believe she was terminated because of her gender, but she also experienced sexual harassment while on the job. She recalled an instance involving one of her superiors. The man made lewd comments to her while they were at the fire station.

Now, the woman is trying to find justice for her troubles. She has decided to sue the City of Carlsbad because of the discrimination she faced. In light of her termination, she accepted a position that pays only a fraction of what she would have made as a firefighter and paramedic in Carlsbad.

Everyone has a right to feel comfortable at work and fair treatment based on the quality of the work they provide. The case of this emergency service worker is just one example of the terrible things people endure at their place of work. Employers have a duty to make sure their work environment is safe and healthy for everyone employed.

Source: KGTV 10News, “Woman To Sue City Of Carlsbad Over Firefighting Job,” Jan. 24, 2012