Five Steps To Take If You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated From Your Job

Getting terminated from your job can create a great financial strain on your life. If you feel that the reason you were fired was not legitimate, you may be entitled to compensation. However, it is crucial that you act quickly. Here are five steps to take if you are wrongfully terminated:

Document Everything

Keep records of all the events leading up to the termination, as well as everything that happens shortly after. Put together documents such as emails, termination notices, memos, and any other communication between you and your employer during the period before you are fired. If possible, record any verbal communication that may give an indicator as to why you were wrongfully terminated, although make sure you respect your state’s privacy laws.

Conduct Your Research

Carry out comprehensive research on acceptable reasons for termination in your state. Check that the reasons your employer has given are valid. If they are not, ask your lawyer to file a suit for wrongful termination as quickly as possible.

Consult Your Union

If you are a union employee, consult your union to find out what reasons your employer can use to terminate your employment. Your union representative will then research to find out if you have a valid claim. If you have a case, they can also help you fight for the damages that are due to you.

Find a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Contract the services of a lawyer as soon as you have received notice relieving you of your services. Starting early will help your lawyer act quickly and make sure that you get a hearing at the earliest possible moment. Even though you may be cash strapped during this time, certain lawyers will agree to work for a contingency if you have a strong case.

Have Your Lawyer Go Through Your Severance Contract

You should have your lawyer go through your severance contract with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that your employer meets all legal obligations after firing you. The obligations include paying the proper amount of severance pay, transferring your retirement funds, paying for unused leave, etc.

In Conclusion

Employer laws are set in place to protect employees from being fired for illegitimate reasons. If you win your wrongful termination suit, you will be able to earn back money in lost wages and damages. Remember to contact an experienced attorney that will be able to guide you through the process.

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