Get Back Up When Negotiating Severance Agreements

If you know that a termination in your employment is coming — especially if you are in a high-level executive job or otherwise positioned to negotiate — consider getting professional assistance with a severance negotiation. Having an attorney on your side at the beginning of a termination can help ensure all information is documented and that you get the best possible deal — especially if you suspect that you might have a case for wrongful termination.

While many businesses do try to take care of employees and treat everyone fairly, even during times when someone is being let go, there are other businesses that don’t always follow such rules. In an attempt to save money, save face or sweep uncomfortable things under the rug, businesses might terminate someone, often rushing them out the door with a severance package of some type in hopes that a problem will go away.

If you are the person being rushed out the door, then you need to ask yourself whether you are being wrongfully terminated. If you are, you could have a case for compensation. Even if the termination is not wrongful or illegal, you could build a case for a better severance package.

Our firm works with executives and other high-level employees who are going through the termination process for any number of reasons. We provide guidance and legal backup for negotiations, helping you navigate complex negotiations and achieve a severance package that you are happy with.

Why go through the work to negotiate a better severance package? Not only do better packages provide additional funds, but they can also extend benefits, reduce the damage a termination does to your overall career and increase the time you have to look for new employment.