Hostile Work Environments Aren’t Acceptable In California

Last week, we discussed the recent ruling that found Domino’s Pizza wasn’t liable for the sexual harassment that occurred at a franchised location. As we discussed, the worker was subjected to a hostile work environment at the hands of her manager. This might have some people wondering exactly what they can do if they are being subjected to a hostile work environment.

For people who are the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, making complaints and filing lawsuits are possible. It is vital that those who are experiencing these types of situations learn their rights and responsibilities under California laws to determine if the situation is being handled appropriately.

Sexual harassment claims are very touchy subjects. We understand how difficult it can be to speak about the incidents and how emotional these types of cases are. We have experience that allows us to help you present your complaints in a manner that is acceptable under California laws. While we offer compassion to the victims of sexual harassment, we present a firm stance against the person who was doing the harassing.

Whether you are dealing with a company that is ignoring complaints about sexual harassment or a company that just isn’t doing enough, we can help you to decide how to proceed with your complaints. We can put our experience to work so that you can focus on moving on with your life and building yourself up after the attack.

Sexual harassment shouldn’t be a part of any workplace. No victim of sexual harassment has to sit down and simply deal with the harassment. Instead, they can stand up against the harasser. Please feel free to visit our webpage on sexual harassment to learn more.