Inappropriate Actions And Comments Alleged In Reality Show

Inappropriate actions and comments in the workplace can lead to a hostile work environment. Ignored complaints about sexual harassment further compound the emotional strain felt by victims of this kind of abuse. California residents should know that a longtime cast member of “Real World” claims two cast members raped her with a toothbrush during one of the show’s filming sessions. Tonya Cooley sued Bunim/Murray Productions, MTV Network, and her alleged assailants on 14 causes of action in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Cooley alleges that while she was passed out drunk the show’s producers not only failed to intervene but taped it without telling her what had happened. Later, she says, the show fired her but kept her abusers on the show. Cooley says the corporate defendants “created an environment in which degrading and harassing behavior towards female contestants was openly tolerated and even encouraged.”

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Source: The Courthouse News Service, “Cast Member Claims MTV’s ‘Real World’ Encouraged & Filmed Her Sexual Assault,” Matt Reynolds, Oct. 31, 2011