Make Sure You Take The Steps Needed For Whistleblower Protections

Taking a stand against your employer is a scary step to take. When you decide that you can’t handle what is going on at your job any longer and take action, you shouldn’t have to worry about retaliation. Sadly, many whistleblowers do suffer from some form of retaliation.

We know that you made a tough decision when you decided to blow the whistle on the company’s actions or inaction. We can help you to learn about your options for taking action if you were retaliated against. If you are planning on speaking out against your company, you might have to take steps to ensure that you can claim whistleblower protections. We can help you learn about those steps.

There is no reason for you to have to suffer because of your employer’s actions. If you were demoted, fired or moved to an undesirable assignment without any reason, you might have a claim regarding retaliation because you spoke up.

Whether you decide to report Occupational Safety and Health Administration violations or spoke out against sexual harassment, you don’t deserve to be retaliated against. Your employer should have taken the proper steps to ensure that they were in compliance with all the laws they are required to follow. This means that they should be familiar with OSHA laws, sexual harassment laws and any other applicable laws.

We know that you are probably devastated that your career has taken this turn. We can help you to explore the options that are available to help you get your career back on the track you were on before you spoke out.