Pay Discrepancies Must Be Handled Swiftly So You Have Your Money

You deserve the pay that you are due for the hours that you worked. Unfortunately, some employers want to make as much money as they can, even if it means that they short their employees’ pay. We understand that you might want to just get your money and not have to battle with your employer.

In some instances, employers aren’t making purposeful omissions of your pay. When you bring the discrepancies to their attention, they will likely fix them and ensure that things are correct moving forward. The issue comes in when they won’t acknowledge the problem or don’t want to correct it.

We are here to help you address wage and hour disputes. We know that it is hard to have to challenge your employer, but you aren’t working for free. There is a chance that these issues might effect other employees as well. We can work with you to review the circumstances and help you learn what options you have.

There are many different issues that can impact your pay. One involves you working off the clock — even if you don’t realize it. Another is that your employer might not be paying you for all of the overtime to which you are entitled. A less common way is that you might not be given all the breaks that you are due.

If you have any indication that something is amiss with your pay, you should investigate the matter further. Keeping records of your time worked the breaks that you take might help you determine what is going on.