Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Is Never Acceptable

An employer who allows sexual harassment to occur in the business is likely going to have serious legal issues. It is important for victims of sexual harassment at work to understand that they have the right to take action to make the sexual harassment stop.

If the sexual harassment continues, the victim might choose to take further action against the employer. We can help employees who have been sexually harassed to learn about their options for dealing with the harassment.

One form of sexual harassment that might occur is quid pro quo sexual harassment. This form of sexual harassment is serious because it is often a supervisor who is doing the harassing. In some cases, the supervisor might offer you a raise if you do sexual favors for him or her. In other cases, the supervisor might offer to make negative aspects of you job go away if you do sexual favors. Both of those examples are illegal.

Employees have the right to expect to be able to do their jobs without having to do sexual favors. There is no reason for employers to avoid taking action to stop sexual harassment when complaints are made and found to be valid.

For employees who are being subjected to sexual harassment, filing a complaint with the appropriate company representative is the first step. From there, other actions might be suitable. It is vital that you follow the necessary steps during your case. We can help you to learn how to protect your rights as you fight for your right to work in a harassment-free environment.