Review A Severance Agreement Before You Sign It

You might love your job and wish that you would keep on working at it until you are ready to retire. In some cases, that is exactly what might happen. In other cases, you and the company you work for might have to part ways. When the reason you have to leave is that a company is downsizing or reorganizing, you might be offered a severance package.

A severance agreement is a document that you will need to sign in order to get the severance package. Just like any other document that requires your signature, you shouldn’t sign the agreement unless you have read it, understand each point and agree with the terms.

We understand that you might feel like you need to rush to get the severance agreement signed, but trying to rush might mean that you miss something important. When you are presented with one of these documents, we can review it for you to let you know what points you might need to review again.

Remember, most severance agreements are negotiable. We can work with you to determine what you are willing to settle for in your severance package. From there, we can try to work toward that goal for you.

This is one instance in which you need to think clearly about your goals for the severance package. You also need to think about what points regarding the package are included in a contract that you signed. This could have a big impact on what types of negotiations you are able to conduct regarding the terms of the severance.