Sexual Harassment Awareness Is Heightened Due To #metoo Movement

The #MeToo movement has brought sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior into the limelight. Even though some people might be watching what is going on and thinking that the only place this happens is in Hollywood or with wealthy people, this isn’t the case. There is a chance that sexual harassment will occur in any setting. We don’t think that any person should have to work in a place where he or she is being sexually harassed.

We know that you never went to work with the intent of being sexually harassed. When you do go through this at work, you might be in disbelief at first. There is a chance that the harassment starts with just some seemingly innocent mistakes, but then it might progress to even more serious and frequent events.

It is imperative that you try to stop the sexual harassment as soon as it starts. Right from the start, you can clearly state that you aren’t willing to be part of this type of behavior. From there, you will need to let your employer know what is going on.

The atrocities that can occur with sexual harassment can range from comments to actual assaults. If you think that the situation warrants it, you might need to contact the police department to file a report.

If your employer isn’t doing anything to prevent the harassment or to stop it, you might decide that you need to do something. We are here to help you take legal action. We realize that it might be difficult to stand up to your employer, but we can help you do what needs to be done.