Sexual Harassment Claims Rarely Include Accusations Against Women

When many people think about sexual harassment claims, they think of the ones that are made against men. Some people might wonder why there aren’t many claims made against women.

One reason why there aren’t many claims made against women is because men are generally prideful and don’t want to make this type of claim. They don’t want anyone to know that they didn’t welcome the sexual advances of a woman.

Another reason why there aren’t many claims against women is that men tend to use sexual harassment to feel powerful. They use the position they are in at work to back up their advances and ultimatums for the women they work with.

When a woman enters into a position of power, such as upper management, she likely won’t feel the same power pull as the men. Still, there are fewer women in these positions so there aren’t as many instances of sexual harassment by the women.

It is important to note that a sexual harassment claim against a woman is handled in the same way as one against a man. The difference is that the plaintiff might have to work a bit more to show that the harassment did occur.

One thing that these men have to fight against is that some people might assume that the man is filing the complaint because the woman is in a position of authority over him. This usually isn’t the case, but society’s way of thinking might make some people assume this. Just make sure that if you are the victim of sexual harassment, you speak up. Don’t let the harassment continue unchecked.

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