Sexual Harassment Complaints Can Come From Witnesses

Being sexually harassed at work can mean more than just someone touching you in a sexual manner. In fact, many instances of sexual harassment are verbal. This can make the entire workplace uncomfortable. They are all completely unacceptable. We realize that a hostile work environment has a negative impact on you.

Many people don’t realize just how large the scope of sexual harassment is. They think that the person who is making the complaint has to be the person who is being harassed. This isn’t the case. You can file a complaint about sexual harassment even if you only hear another worker having to deal with unwanted advances. We are here to help you learn about the forms of sexual harassment that might occur and to learn how you might address them if they happen to you.

We know that it is often scary to file these complaints. People sometimes worry that they will face retaliation for reporting this type of behavior. We want people to know that retaliatory employment measures are against the law if the complaint that was made is factual. This means that employers can’t take negative actions for making the report.

Whether you are the victim of sexual harassment or someone who has seen it happen, you have options. One thing to consider is following the established chain of command for the complaint. The other is to take immediate legal action. You should learn about the options you have and move on from there. We are here to help you assert your rights from the start of the case through the final resolution.