Sexual Harassment Has Emotional Consequences

We recently discussed how victims of sexual harassment might have trouble coming forward regarding the accusations. There are several reasons for this; however, these victims need to come forward if they want the harassment to stop. We understand how hard this is to speak out but we can stand by your side.

Sexual harassment impacts victims in more ways than just physical issues. In fact, not all sexual harassment involves touching. The emotional impact of the events is what has a real impact on the victims. It is also what makes it so hard to handle the aftermath. Physical injuries will heal over time, but you might have to work hard to overcome the mental impacts.

One of the first things that you have to do when you are being harassed at work is to let the person know that their behavior isn’t wanted. Tell them to stop. You also need to file an official complaint with the appropriate person at the company. Oftentimes, companies will have one person who takes these complaints; however, you should be able to file it with any person in authority with whom you feel comfortable.

We can help you find out what other actions you need to take. Escalating things beyond the local company might be in order, especially if the company isn’t doing anything to address the issue. We know that you might want to just put this behind you, but you might be able to receive some compensation for the event. This could help you get medical care and mental health care to help you learn to live your life.