Sexual Harassment In Sports Is Common, California Is No Exception

Last week, we let our readers know about how Ronda Rousey is taking a stand against sexual harassment in MMA gyms. Those aren’t the only gyms that sexual harassment is prevalent in. Unfortunately, many athletes face sexual harassment from coaches and other players. Our California readers might be interested to know more about this horrible trend.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education notes that any form of sexual harassment is a violation of ethical boundaries. The association further notes that sexual harassment has a significant impact on an athlete’s performance in various areas, including personal performance, athletic performance and academic performance. Sexual relationships between coaches and athletes are considered unprofessional and an abuse of professional power.

There are several different situations that constitute forms of sexual harassment. The relationships that can lead to sexual harassment include two athletes, a coach and an athlete, an athletic director and an athlete, an assistant coach and a coach, and a coach and an athletic director. In all of these relationships, there can be elements, such as seeking sexual favors that can lead to sexual harassment claims.

Other forms of sexual harassment that are considered inappropriate according to the association include spreading rumors about sexual activities, dirty jokes, self-touching or discussing personal sexual encounters or displaying sexually graphic materials. In a general sense, almost anything of a sexual nature in a gym could be considered sexual harassment.

Athletes rely on their coaches to give them professional assistance and guidance. When coaches fail to do so and begin to act in a sexual manner, the athlete has the right to put a stop to those unwanted actions. Learn about your options so you can stop it as soon as possible.

Source: National Association for Sport and Physical Education, “Sexual Harassment in Athletic Settings” accessed Mar. 13, 2015