Terminations Can’t Be Retaliatory Or Discriminatory

Employers often think very carefully before they terminate an employee. Unfortunately, there are also employers who fire people just because they aren’t happy with a complaint the employee made against the company or another worker. Even though California is an at-will employment state, employers can’t fire employees for discriminatory or retaliatory purposes.

We understand that your primary focus right now might be getting a job so you can pay your bills. But, do you really want to let your former employer get away with firing you for one of those illegal reasons? If you don’t want your employer to do that, you do have the option of taking legal action against the employer.

Getting your case together can take some work. We can help you gather what you need to get this done. You might need an account of the incident that led to your complaint, such as information about being sexually harassed. You might need a copy of your employment file that shows any evaluations or reviews you had.

Our goal is to prove that you were let go for an illegal reason. We need to show that your employer didn’t send you on your way because you weren’t capable of doing your job. This is something that can make a big difference in your case so we must handle it carefully.

As you work to fight back against the wrongful discharge, we will stand by you to make sure you understand your options. You can then make decisions about the direction of your legal claim based on that information.