The Spotlight Is On Sexual Harassment In All Varieties

Anyone who watches the news these days is well aware of the surge of sexual harassment complaints that is hitting Hollywood and politics right now. It seems as though people you never thought would do those sorts of things have been doing them. As tragic as this is, there is a silver lining of sorts to the situation. There is an increased awareness about the various forms of sexual harassment.

TIME magazine has named The Silence Breakers, or women who have filed sexual harassment and assault complaints, as the Person of the Year. This highlights the severity of the issue. It is also a stark reminder that no employees should have to deal with sexual harassment of any sort.

Some employees don’t speak up when they are sexually harassed because they are ashamed or worried about what is going to happen. If you have dealt with this sort of situation, there isn’t any reason why you should have to continue to live with it. Instead, speak up and let your harasser know that you aren’t going to protect them.

We realize that you are probably at odds with yourself right now. On the one hand, you want the behavior to stop. On the other hand, you don’t want to draw attention to what happened. We can help you find the balance between these two so that you can take action.

A hostile work environment or retaliation aren’t things that should happen when you make a factual complaint about sexual harassment. We are here to help you get the process started that can put an end to this atrocious behavior.