What Should You Do If You Believe You’ve Been Wrongfully Fired?

After being let go for any number of reasons, it’s not uncommon for an employee to feel bitterness or anger toward an employer. If the employee feels he or she has been let go in a wrongful manner — for reasons or in a way that is unlawful — then he or she probably has even more emotions regarding the situation. It can be difficult, but avoiding an emotional reaction when you’ve been wrongfully fired can help you seek legal remedies.

Instead of retaliating against the employer, consider seeking legal assistance with the matter. Retaliating only weakens any case you have and might even result in criminal charges if you cross lines and assault or slander the employer. Often, you can channel anger and the need to act into more productive efforts, such as reviewing any contracts you had with the employer.

You also have a right to ask some questions about your termination, though the employer might choose not to answer you. Questions you might want to ask include who chose to fire you, what exact reasons were behind your termination and what severance package or other compensation you might receive. If you can’t get answers to these questions from an employer, working with a legal professional might help you find those answers.

It’s a good idea to act in the right, even if you believe an employer acted in the wrong. Don’t keep employer property, for example, or share trade secrets to get back at the employer. Working to understand and act on your rights as soon as you are wrongfully terminated can help you avoid actions that could weaken your case.

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