Woman At Yahoo Facing Sexual Harassment Case In California

One the executives at Yahoo is facing a sexual harassment case, which was recently filed in a court in California. While many of these types of cases involve male executives and bosses, this one is notable because the case, which was filed by a woman who used to work for Yahoo, is targeted at a female executive, bucking that trend.

According to the woman, the executive told her that she would have a good future with the company if she would provide sexual favors for her, including both cyber sex and physical encounters. The woman complained about the things that her boss was telling her, but she says that her complaints were not investigated properly by the department.

Instead, she was given unpaid leave, which ended up turning into a full-fledged termination of her employment with the company. On top of that, the woman said that the executive changed the performance reviews that had been done, giving her worse ratings than she deserved.

For its part, Yahoo has said that the allegations are not true. The woman named the tech company, along with the executive herself, as co-defendants in the court case. The documents for that case went on file on the eighth of July.

Individuals who face sexual harassment in the workplace must know what rights they have and what legal action they can take, especially if the company does not take action in response to complaints or if they are fired as a result. Employees are often nervous to stand up for their rights when a job is at stake or when a boss is involved, but they should not be.

Source: Time, “Female Yahoo Exec Sued for Sexual Harassment” Jack Linshi, Jul. 14, 2014