Woman Files Lawsuit Against California Trucking Company

A woman who had been a dispatcher at a freight company has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer. In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that she was encouraged to flirt with customers, send suggestive electronic messages and perform other undignified acts to build business contacts. She had previously been employed by California Refrigerated Express, Inc., according to the complaint.

In addition, the woman alleges that her supervisors retaliated against her when she refused to participate in such activities, giving big business accounts to other women. Those women were reportedly encouraged to have ‘sexual activities’ with customers in order to maintain business relationships for the company. It is not clear whether other female employees have filed similar suits, but they may be forthcoming as more information is revealed.

Although the firm soundly rejects the woman’s claim, the former employee is seeking financial compensation for unfair business practices and a hostile work environment. The woman also alleges that labor code was violated when she was fired for refusing to engage in sexual conduct with customers.

The woman is seeking nearly $70,000 in unpaid overtime, contending that she was required to be on-call during the weekend hours. The woman contends that she was not paid for that time, even though she had set it aside to serve the company’s interests.

Additionally, legal documents indicate that the operator of the business has had her carrier license revoked involuntarily on numerous occasions. It is not clear exactly why those punishments were levied.

Source: Land Line, “Lawsuit alleges company president encouraged flirting, sex with customers,” Clarissa Kell-Holland, Aug. 22, 2012