Woman Files Lawsuit Against Former Santa Cruz Mayor And Husband

Employees should be safe at work; however, there are some instances in which employees are put in danger by the very people who should be working to protect them. This is the case when an employee is sexually harassed. Even if no physical harm comes to the person, the feelings of being violated and other emotional aspects of the events are often traumatic. A case involving a former Santa Cruz mayor and her husband highlight the horrible tragedy of sexual harassment.

The alleged sexual harassment occurred at Emily’s Good Things to Eat from 2012 through May. A former employee has filed a lawsuit that lists the former mayor and her husband as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that the man groped the victim, smelled her belongings, smelled her hair, touched her hair, gave unwanted kisses and licked her coffee cup.

The lawsuit also alleges that the man would discuss his sex life and ask the victim about hers. It says that he would block the door until she would hug him.

When the victim complained, the complaints weren’t investigated in a timely manner, notes the complaint. It also notes that the owner and her husband reduced her managerial duties in response to the complaint she filed. The woman quit her job but said that she was constructively discharged.

This young woman is said to have filed the lawsuit to prevent other people from being sexually harassed at the bakery. She is seeking damages for physical and mental distress, lost wages and benefits.

Anyone facing sexual harassment, retaliation and a hostile work environment like this woman faced has the right to put a stop to those actions. Learning your options to do so is a good first step.

Source: Capitola-Soquel Patch, “Bakery Ex-Employee Alleges Sexual Harassment In Complaint Filed Against Former Mayor, Her Husband,” Susan C. Schena, July 22, 2015