Woman Files Termination Suit Against Houston Firm For Harassment

A Harris County woman has filed a civil suit against a Houston employer for wrongful termination relating to a sexual harassment claim. The woman, who had been employed by Crown Castle USA, alleges that she was fired from her job after she submitted complaints about sexual harassment and discrimination at the company. The suit, which was filed in a Houston court, claims that the company mistreated the woman and retaliated against her because of the sexual harassment allegations.

The woman began working for the company in 2007 as a rooftop acquisition manager, according to legal documents. About three years after she joined the company, she was assigned additional responsibilities as a land acquisition manager. Even though she performed the same job as her male counterparts, the woman was not compensated at the same rate of pay. In other words, she was doing the same job as the men, but she was not being paid as much.

In addition, the woman said she was subjected to ongoing sexual harassment from her male supervisor, who made a slew of sexual advances toward her. The supervisor reportedly contacted her numerous times through phone calls and text messages in attempts to solicit sexual favors. He even came to her house seeking a sexual encounter. That supervisor was fired, but the person who was promoted into the position chose to retaliate against the woman because of her complaints.

When the woman brought the claim to the company’s human resources department in 2010, representatives ignored her claim. They also dismissed the allegations after a June 2011 complaint was filed. She was fired from the company on May 7 of this year for poor performance, but the woman believes her termination was connected with the sexual harassment claims.

The woman and her lawyers are requesting a jury trial in connection with the case. If the company chooses to settle the suit before the trial, neither party will enter the courtroom. The woman is likely seeking compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress, among other claims.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Harris Co. woman retaliation, termination for reporting sexual harassment, suit says,” John Suayan, Dec. 12, 2012