Woman Sues For Wrongful Termination After Sexual Harrasment

A woman in California is suing her employer after she says the employer fired her for wrong reasons. She says that she was fired for reporting an incident with one of her boss’s clients. She claims that her termination was retaliation for making a police report.

According to reports, the woman worked as a dental assistant. Charlie Sheen came into the dentist office with his bodyguard. Reportedly, Sheen was high on drugs and alcohol during his visit. The woman’s lawsuit claims that Sheen groped her and threatened her repeatedly during the visit.

The woman reportedly attempted to leave the room after Sheen pulled on her clothing and groped her chest. She says her boss ordered her back into the room to assist him on at least two occasions. At one point, says the lawsuit, Sheen hit the woman. He also reportedly threatened her life.

When Sheen and his entourage left the dentist office, the woman was reportedly given $500. The cash was provided to the woman by one of Sheen’s staff. The staff member noted that the cash was payment for what the staff member called “her troubles.”

The woman has filed two lawsuits related to the incident. The first lawsuit names Sheen himself as a defendant. That lawsuit is currently pending. The second suit is a wrongful termination suit against the employer.

When you are dealing with harassment in the workplace, you might feel you are fighting against forces much stronger than you. Even large employers and celebrities don’t have perfect power, though, and the law affords all employees certain protections. Understanding how to seek those protections can help you seek compensation for emotional or financial damages.

Source: Studio City Patch, “Dental Technician Alleges She Was Fired for Reporting Assault by Charlie Sheen,” Paige Austin, Oct. 15, 2015