Worker Files Wrongful Termination Suit Against Raytheon

A former Raytheon employee who helped develop an innovative solution to a critical flaw in American radar systems is seeking financial compensation because he claims he was wrongfully fired. The man is looking to recover damages in connection with the wrongful termination suit, which alleges that Raytheon simply ran out of work for him after he developed the invaluable fix.

Official reports show that the man had developed the technology needed to cool down electronic components inside of the company’s radar systems as early as June 2002. He already held a patent for the device when he was hired at the California company in May 2004. Raytheon was experiencing errors with its missile guidance systems because the internal components continued to overheat. That heat made it difficult for computers to correctly calculate locations.

The man alleges that Raytheon stole his patent, though the defense contractor vehemently denies any wrongdoing. Still, the man is not seeking compensation for patent infringement, largely because he wants the patented technology to continue to protect soldiers who benefit from its use. The cooling technology supports missile defense systems that provide protection for soldiers who serve our country every day.

It is not clear whether the man is seeking to have his position reinstated or if he simply wants to recover damages in connection with the wrongful termination. Employees who have been wrongfully fired may be able to regain their former employment positions, though this is not always the best move. Instead, plaintiffs can sue their former employers for lost wages and benefits, along with defamation, emotional distress and a variety of other civil claims.

Workers who feel as though they have been used and then discarded, such as this man, do have legal recourse. Companies do not have the right to steal intellectual property and then simply get rid of the worker who provided it. Employment attorneys can help California residents learn more about their legal options if they have been wrongfully fired.

Source:, “Engineer claims defense contractor Raytheon stole his patent” Mitch Blacher, Nov. 06, 2013