Wrongful Termination Cases Can Involve Complex Concepts

Losing a job is something that can have negative impacts on the person who is terminated. When the termination is a wrongful termination, the person might opt to pursue legal action against the employer. This is something that can be difficult to prove; however, we know that it isn’t impossible when the case involves a termination that falls under the legal umbrella of wrongful termination.

One case recently that made the news recently shows how complex wrongful termination cases can be. This case involves the Electric Utilities Department in Roseville. A former employee alleges discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination and has filed a lawsuit regarding her claims. In this case, the woman alleges that the actions by the employer were due to a spinal tumor that she developed while she worked for the department. The city says that the termination was lawful because the woman was still in her probationary period and could be let go without any reason for the action.

This case involved allegations of harassment due to a disability, but the employer is claiming that the termination was lawful, even with that harassment present. This type of case is one reason why employees should work to find out about the laws that apply to their employment. If you don’t know the laws, you won’t know when you need to speak up about something.

We know that you might be ready to take action over the firing. We can evaluate your case and help you determine the actions that you can take. From there, we can help you to develop a plan and work through the process.