Wrongful Termination Claim Filed By California Woman

A worker for the Crestline Sanitation District has filed a lawsuit that claims she was wrongfully terminated from her position. The woman was hired by the district in October of 2012. She was promoted to a position on July 1 of the following year that had a six-month probationary period.

She alleges that she was let go because of a deposit that never made it to the bank. She says that a few weeks after she was promoted, she gave the general manager a bank deposit of $215.70. When she reconciled the books at the end of the month, the deposit wasn’t there.

She says that the general manager whom she gave the deposit to called her into his office a month later to question her about the missing deposit. She says that she told him she didn’t set it down. She says that he had memory problems and that he likely misplaced the missing deposit after she gave it to him.

The problems she was having increased in August of 2013 when she became stricken with medical problems seemingly from black mold in the district office. She was accused of contacting California Occupational Safety and Health Administration but denies having alerted them to the mold. She says she was then terminated on Sept. 16, 2013 for poor work performance.

The woman says no written notifications were made. She says that she was simply verbally told that she made too many mistakes.

This woman has opted to file a wrongful termination claim because she feels that she shouldn’t have been let go. Anyone who feels the same has a right to file a lawsuit pertaining to the wrongful termination.

Source: Alpenhorn News, “Sanitation district sued by ex-employee” Gail Fry, Jun. 19, 2014