You Have A Right To The Pay You Work Hard For

Most people find a job because they need to have an income to pay for the things that they need. Almost nobody works just because they think it is fun. With this in mind, you can see why it is important for employers to pay employees for the time they work.

California has specific laws in place to protect employees who need to get paid. They are very specific and don’t provide employers with loopholes to get around paying employees. Still, some employers will try to get away with anything they can to save a few dollars.

We understand that you need your job and might be reluctant to take any sort of action against your employer. Think about this — what good is having a job if you aren’t getting paid? You demanding the pay that you are due lets your employer know that you aren’t going to deal with anyone messing with your money.

There are a few situations that you should keep an eye out for. One of these is your employer asking you to do small tasks when you are off the clock. These small tasks, such as going to the bank on your way home, can add up to quite a bit of time if you aren’t being compensated.

You also have to watch out for an employer who is trying to skirt the state’s overtime laws. Overtime pay is to compensate you for working longer than what is considered normal. Don’t sit back and let your employer steal from you. We can help you make your point about your pay.