Employment Laws For Sexual Harassment Leads To Lawsuit In Ca

Men and women involved in sexual harassment litigation often find that they face professional and social stigmas. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is an all too common occurrence. Recently, a California man won his first lawsuit in conjunction with his wrongful termination in association with sexual harassment. The man worked for the city of Atwater for around 16 years and told reporters that his situation has cost not only his job, but his family’s reputation.

During the court proceedings, the man denied allegations of sexual harassment against another female employee. He went on to say that any sexually related comments raised while on duty came directly from his accuser. The man also believes the sexual harassment complaint was only lodged against him after he published some unsavory information on his website, wherein other city employees are “graded.”

News reports confirm that the city failed to meet its required burden of proof for terminating the man. In the ruling, it was stated that the man’s employer offered unsatisfactory evidence. The man feels very confident about the case and told reporters that he believes it will be a “slam dunk.” He plans to file suit against the California city in both state and federal courts and believes that the recent ruling in his favor is appropriate foreshadowing for the future of the litigation.

Sexual harassment in the workplace doesn’t always involve a female victim. In fact, male victimization in sexual harassment cases is more common than many people believe. Legal professionals who are well-versed in the law as it pertains to sexual harassment in the workplace as well as wrongful termination, may be able to provide advice to individuals considering a lawsuit.

Source: The Merced Sun-Star, “Terminated Atwater employee wins unemployment appeal,” Mike North, Aug. 1, 2011