Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Isn’t Lawful

In our previous blog post and in one a few weeks ago, we discussed some of the protections that whistleblowers have after they report violations of laws and policies. If you recall, we noted that you are protected under state and federal laws once you report violations. We understand that you might be dealing with difficult situations at work. We can help you learn which actions your employer takes are legal and which ones are illegal. From there, we can help you explore your options for making illegal actions stop.

When an employee reports an employer’s violations, the employer might opt to retaliate against the employee. The employer can’t legally retaliate against the employee. Cutting your pay, demoting you, firing you, switching you to a less desirable schedule and making your workplace hostile are some of the actions that employers might take that are illegal.

In the case of a whistleblower, the retaliation can come in response to you cooperating with an investigation, reporting misconduct or acting as a witness against the employer. In all of those cases, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the career you worked so hard to achieve. You have the right to protect your interests without having to worry about retaliation for doing the right thing.

We can help you to learn your options for dealing with the retaliation. We can also help you to learn what information you need to gather for your case. From the start of your case through the end of your case, you can count on us to give you compassionate and firm representation.