What Questions Should You Ask If You Are Fired?

If you are fired from a job, then you might be wondering all manner of things. Reactions to being fired can range from relief because you knew it was coming to bewildered confusion because you didn’t have any clue it was coming. While it can be a stressful and awkward time, there are some questions that you should seek answers to as you speak to supervisors or human resource representatives on your final day.

First, ask for a reason. Why are you being fired? Does the company perceive that you did something wrong? Asking about a reason can help you understand if you might have a claim for wrongful termination, especially if you have expressed concerns about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Next, ask about your final pay check and any other money or benefits that might be owed to you. You worked for that pay and benefits, and in most cases, the employer cannot withhold it from you. Ask how you will receive the money owed to you, including vacation, paid time off pay or any contracted severance package.

Third, ask about the company’s referral policy. Most companies will simply confirm that someone worked at the company when they said they did, though some will give a full referral. You’ll want to know who will talk about specifics because if you are fired from a location, you’ll probably want to explain the situation yourself to potential new employers before they contact your old employer.

Finally, ask about health insurance coverage. You need to know when it will end so you can make appropriate plans to keep yourself and your family covered.

Source: Forbes, “The Five Most Critical Questions To Ask If You’re Fired,” Meghan Casserly, accessed May 27, 2016