Rocker And Drummer In Heated Legal Battle With Each Other

While you can be terminated for almost any reason under the sun, there are a few reasons that are illegal to use as the basis for termination. You can’t be fired because of your age, gender or several other protected statuses. If you are, you might opt to take legal action.

Rocker Eddie Money is learning about some of these points thanks to a lawsuit from Glenn Symmonds, who is his former drummer. The lawsuit has a host of allegations in the original filing. These include claims of wrongful termination. It also contains an amended complaint by Symmonds’ wife claiming sexual harassment.

Money has filed an appeal in the matter because he claims that artists should have the right to decide who plays in the bands that are behind the scenes. One motion was an anti-SLAPP motion, which has to do with claims that certain points were within the person’s First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit also includes accusations of discrimination. Symmonds claims that Money humiliated him because of his disabilities that stem from a back injury and bladder cancer. Money’s side of the case is denying all of the accusations.

The appeal that was filed is being called a ploy to delay the case. The rocker was successful with a petition to limit what information out of his and his wife’s depositions is made public. Excerpts that have already been included in the case will remain public. As it stands, the case will head to trial in November. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this case as it moves forward.

Source: Billboard, “Eddie Money Appeals Ruling On Motion to Dismiss Claims By Former Drummer As Case Hurtles Toward Trial,” Hannah Karp, July 07, 2017