Understand When Termination Is Illegal

Your ability to keep your job depends on how well you do your job. All employers have rules and guidelines that must be followed if you want to keep on working there. If you don’t follow those, you will be terminated. If you are terminated for failing to do your job properly, there likely isn’t anything you can do about the termination.

We know that losing a job is something that is disheartening. It can often lead to fear about what is to come. If you think that you were terminated in violation of the law, such as for reporting sexual harassment, we can help you learn about the legal options that you have to deal with the wrongful termination.

Wrongful termination is often a retaliatory measure that employers will use when an employee files a complaint about something or blows the whistle on something. Doing this is illegal since employers can’t legally retaliate against employees who do these things. This is why it is important for you to keep track of what happens from the time that you file a complaint or make it known what is going on in the business.

It is important to carefully consider the circumstances around your termination. If you know that you were doing a good job and don’t know of any disciplinary measures taken against you, then you were likely terminated wrongfully. If you did let your performance slack off just prior to the termination, even if it was just after you filed a complaint, there is a good chance that the termination was legal.