Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Prompts Cop To Take Action

It is difficult for many people to imagine going to work every day, only to face an increasingly hostile work environment. Nonetheless, people who suffer sexual harassment in the workplace face that very circumstance — day in and day out. Sadly, sexual harassment is an all too common occurrence in California. Just recently, such a case arose at the San Diego Police Department.

A SDPD detective of 22 years is suing the sex crimes unit in which she works, for numerous instances of sexual harassment. She also claims that the male detectives she works with have created a hostile work environment, replete with comments of a sexual nature. She believes the inappropriate actions and comments ensued because of her age and sex. The female detective who has filed the suit is currently 59-years-old.

According to her claims, she noticed a dramatic increase in inappropriate behavior among her coworkers after a change in supervisory command. The increased harassment included inappropriate photos of a sexual nature, as well as jokes and bawdy comments. Allegedly the photos and jokes were highly visible within the unit and were spoken aloud amongst the detectives.

The woman is also claiming unfair treatment based on gender, as one sergeant allowed the male detectives to dress down for shooting practice, but did not afford the female detectives the same luxury.

This case is currently being investigated and the detective who filed the claim of sexual harassment in the workplace has wisely sought legal counsel. She, like anyone else in California who feels they have been wrongly subjected to a hostile work environment is strongly encouraged to retain an experienced attorney in employment law.

No one should have to tolerate such behaviors in the workplace, and an attorney may not only be able to help victims understand their rights and obligations under the law, but may also provide peace of mind during a difficult time.

Source: The San Diego Reader, “SDPD Sex Crimes Detective Charges Sexual Harassment,” Matt Potter, Sept. 12, 2011